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Removing Mold From Old Cars

One of the biggest problems for old car owners is the presence of moulds. Not only is it unsightly, it’s also odorous and causes a potential health hazard. If you suspect that you have it in your car, you must submit it to mould inspections to be sure.

With the help of professional, you can also have the mould removed from your car. This will ensure that your car is safe to use both for you and your family.

Removing Moulds from an Old Car

Removing moulds from an old car that has not been maintained for a long time can be tough. It can also eat up a lot of your time and money. The bigger problem that you will face would be the interior because it is where moulds would heavily infest because they are not disturbed. With all the seats and other stuff that will hinder easy cleanup, expect to have a hard time. Here are some tips:

  1. Vacuum the interior of the car using a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. This kind of cleaner will remove all the spores of the moulds but will not damage the interior of the car seats. This is so important because even if the car is a bit vintage, you don’t want to cause damage to its interiors.

  2. User a sponge and mild detergent to wipe away whatever remains of the moulds. Make sure to wear a covering for your mouth and nose so that you can avoid inhaling some of the moulds. Remember that moulds can potentially cause health problems particularly to your lungs.

  3. If you find mould stains inside the car like on the seats, spray it with three parts water and one part vinegar solution. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent and strong enough to get rid of the moulds. It will also remove the musty odor left by the moulds inside the car.

  4. Spray the remaining vinegar solution to the hard parts of the car. Scrub it with the sponge and remove all remaining moulds in hard surfaces of the interior of your car.

  5. If the moulds tend to be hard to remove, you an a toothbrush to remove it. You should thoroughly clean all the areas of your car even if you found moulds only in one area. You have to remember that this thing spreads its spores inside the car and even if you don’t see it, you better assume it’s there.

Follow these tips to ensure that your car is free from moulds. You should not underestimate its potential health hazards because you and your family are the ones that will suffer. If doing all these things are too much for you, you better hire a professional moulds remover in your area. You make sure that they are certified to handle the condition of your car to make sure that you will get the desired result.

How about you? Would you like to share your experience with moulds inside your car? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Should You Consider a Storage Facility to Store Your Car?

For car owners, Los Rios Storage has been the de facto storage Kamloops that they would entrust their vehicles to. The reason behind this is simple: we have been a trustworthy storage company right from the get go. Our customers entrust their valuables to us with the understanding that it will be in one piece when they need it.

Things to Remember When Prepping Your Car for Storage

Before you send out your car for storage, there are a few things that you need to consider. In this article, we will give you ten things which we believe are important.

  1. The storage location

    Choose a location that is close to your home so that you will not need long commutes when the time comes for you to use your car. Make sure to check also that their facility will keep your car dry and protected during storage.

  2. Check the engine oil

    Don’t store your car with dirty engine oil. Change the oil of your vehicle before storing so that you will start using it with fresh oil.

  3. Clean your car

    Don’t store your car dirty too. Storing a dirty car means having a hard time cleaning it up when you need it after storage. Storing it clean means its ready to go when you next need it.

  4. Refill the fluid

    For the same reason as having a clean engine oil, you also need to replace the brake fluid of your car before storing.

  5. Check the tires

    At the storage facility, make sure to fill your tires to its maximum PSI. This will prevent flat spots from developing. This will also ensure that you have good tires come next season.

  6. Check ventilation

    Leave an inch of the window open while your car is in storage. This will prevent moisture from building up and molds from infesting your car.

  7. Take the battery out

    There are some who would disagree with this but, I would take the battery out. I will take it home and connect it to a battery maintainer.

  8. Prevent pest

    Put some mothballs around and inside the car to prevent some rodents from cozying up while your car is in storage. If you will not do this, rats will wreak havoc inside your car by chewing wires and peeing on the seats.

  9. Provide with a good cover

    Even if your car is already in storage, it’s still a good idea to put a decent cover on it. Dust will still get inside a storage facility and you don’t want it in your car.

  10. Prevent moisture

    Put a tarp on the concrete floor where your car will be parked. This will prevent moisture from getting into your car.

If you have a new vehicle, you might want to cancel the liability and collision part of your insurance since it will be in storage. This will save you a lot of money but, make sure to maintain the parts which include fire theft and acts of god.

Repairing a Windshield on a Premium Car

Car care is a very important task that car owners need to carry out to keep their car looking and running it’s best for a long period of time. This is even more crucial when you own a premium car because it loses its value when it doesn’t get enough maintenance work.

Despite being a very careful owner, your luxury car is still at risk of getting damaged since you can’t control the outside elements encountered on the road. The windshield of your car is more likely to get damaged when you drive on the road.

You might drive on the road and your windshield gets hit by a stone. Your windshield can get damaged while you park as well. A reckless group of teens or an irresponsible person might accidentally hit the windshield of your car causing a break.

A premium car will have a pretty durable windshield and can withstand most conditions. But, a direct hit on it will still damage it and it can get expensive to replace. Aside from a costly replacement, labor for your specific car model might be hard to find because not all windshield repair companies cover windshield repair for premium cars.

You can’t forego having your windshield repaired because there are laws that demand car owners should replace/repair a damaged windshield before hitting the road. They consider the drivability and safety of the owner and other drivers on the road with this law.

If you live in the British Columbia area and have a damaged windshield on your premium car, you might want to consider paying a visit to GlassCo in Surrey. They’re a professional auto glass and repair company based in Canada.

GlassCo technicians are trained to handle any type of windshield repair problem whether for standard motor vehicles or premium models. A one stop shop for windshield repairs and replacement like GlassCo is a car owners dream.

Clients will get the services best repair company in Rock Chips. They will assess the damage on your windshield to know the repair work that needs to be done. As soon as they find out the extent of the damage, the repair work will be done immediately and car owners can expect results in a short time and the windshield will be back to great condition in no time.

The glass work is made of high quality repair materials to keep you safe while you drive and give back the premium look of your luxury car. GlassCo technicians are experienced in repairing different types of premium cars on the road.

This company has developed a specialization in glass repair that isn’t rivaled by any other glass repair service in the province. Along with that, they have the OEM replacement parts on hand so their technicians can do an installation if your windshield is irreparable.

GlassCo is your go-to choice when looking for quality windshield repair. They have professional workers and great customer service to assure you that your get only the best. Many clients have tried the glass repair solutions the company provides and all of them we happy with the results.