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Should You Consider a Storage Facility to Store Your Car?

For car owners, Los Rios Storage has been the de facto storage Kamloops that they would entrust their vehicles to. The reason behind this is simple: we have been a trustworthy storage company right from the get go. Our customers entrust their valuables to us with the understanding that it will be in one piece when they need it.

Things to Remember When Prepping Your Car for Storage

Before you send out your car for storage, there are a few things that you need to consider. In this article, we will give you ten things which we believe are important.

  1. The storage location

    Choose a location that is close to your home so that you will not need long commutes when the time comes for you to use your car. Make sure to check also that their facility will keep your car dry and protected during storage.

  2. Check the engine oil

    Don’t store your car with dirty engine oil. Change the oil of your vehicle before storing so that you will start using it with fresh oil.

  3. Clean your car

    Don’t store your car dirty too. Storing a dirty car means having a hard time cleaning it up when you need it after storage. Storing it clean means its ready to go when you next need it.

  4. Refill the fluid

    For the same reason as having a clean engine oil, you also need to replace the brake fluid of your car before storing.

  5. Check the tires

    At the storage facility, make sure to fill your tires to its maximum PSI. This will prevent flat spots from developing. This will also ensure that you have good tires come next season.

  6. Check ventilation

    Leave an inch of the window open while your car is in storage. This will prevent moisture from building up and molds from infesting your car.

  7. Take the battery out

    There are some who would disagree with this but, I would take the battery out. I will take it home and connect it to a battery maintainer.

  8. Prevent pest

    Put some mothballs around and inside the car to prevent some rodents from cozying up while your car is in storage. If you will not do this, rats will wreak havoc inside your car by chewing wires and peeing on the seats.

  9. Provide with a good cover

    Even if your car is already in storage, it’s still a good idea to put a decent cover on it. Dust will still get inside a storage facility and you don’t want it in your car.

  10. Prevent moisture

    Put a tarp on the concrete floor where your car will be parked. This will prevent moisture from getting into your car.

If you have a new vehicle, you might want to cancel the liability and collision part of your insurance since it will be in storage. This will save you a lot of money but, make sure to maintain the parts which include fire theft and acts of god.

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