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Tips on Purchasing a Classic Car

Classic CarWell restored classic cars always, I say, always, turn heads of spectator with their mouths open in awe and wonder. You can’t blame them because it’s like seeing a glimpse of the past. Geez, this is how they do it in the 60’s! You bet, you’re granddad used to own one of these! Now, you just can’t shake of the feeling of wanting to have one and become a head-turner and you start looking for it on the net. Way to go! That, my friend, is the first step. And believe me, there will be more steps to follow until you get to a point where people get their necks sore.

How To Find a classic car

Old classic cars in great condition are quite hard to come by. For one, they are just plain old and no one wants them anymore, except for collectors and enthusiasts like you. Secondly, those well maintained classic old cars are already restored and are probably owned by fellow aficionados like you. Third, they are already on display and lastly they may have been eaten by rust. Seems like there are more reason that hinders you from finding one! Behold! Welcome to the information age where everything you want to know can be found using your fingertips. Google it up.

I can imagine you right now in front of your computer with results you cannot review all at once. Yeah, there are a lot out there. Filter these results by keying your location. That should narrow down your search. Encode the model and year for more specific results.

Rust Kills your Catch

Rust problems can be fixed. A few bubbles would not pose a threat to prospective restorers. The thing we are talking about is rust in the shape of a car. Again, rust problems can be addressed, but, it will not be worth it. You will be spending insane amounts of money just to get that factory shine you are aiming for. Not worth it. If it’s too much rust, skip it and move on to the next prospect.

Mileage not as Old as its Age

It is very hard to find a classic car with low mileage but not impossible. Something that reads below 200,000miles can be deemed quite low mileage for its age. You will rarely find such but if you happen to get your eyes on one, you’re in for a good catch! It’s a simple rule, the more mileage you run, the more wear and tear inside the engine.

Check Dealers

Lots of times luxury or high end used car dealers will actually flip classic cars. Often times, these dealers have a far better feel for the value of a classic car than the average joe and since they’re constantly scoping out inventory they’ll often see them before individual collectors.

Go for Rare

Todays’ automobile industries manufacture hundreds of thousands of the same model per year. Imagine how many generic vehicles roam around town. When buying a classic, look for something that was manufactured in small amounts. Like 5,000 units in its year perhaps? That is quite a small number. This means that you don’t see them too often even on the year it was made. The fewer the models are, the higher the value.

Pick What You Like

Always, always pick a classic car that you personally like. This way you are always enthusiastic and motivated about bringing it back to life. Pick a car you can’t wait to see restored. That’ll bring the most satisfaction to you!

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